Lancer Inc., which is located in Tokyo, launched a new website for freelancers — Connect. This website is for displaying projects related to local authorities and major companies.

Connect lets its users use the search engine to find gigs where they can contribute with their knowledge and skills. This site supports the idea of moving away to the parts where there is a demand for freelancers. Also, it provides a chance for freelancers to do more projects simultaneously.

The company Lancers Inc. also runs a website, which offers IT services on the special part of the site called LancersAgent. Another professional service they provide is related to job-matching, and it can be found on this address — Then, there’s a portal for educational purposes — So freelancers who want to have a clearer idea of how something works can go on that platform and educate themselves.

On top of all of that, this company side-by-side with Persol Holdings Limited runs the app Sharefull where freelancers can find jobs.

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