A few days ago, Fiverr, the company that’s altering the way business is done, has established Studios. And it is a product that provides freelancers on this platform with a possibility to join forces and work together on some projects. They’ll be able to incorporate their skills so they can provide all services to businesses, even the larger ones. Employers won’t need to do anything more than they have to do now. They will still have to contact one person, have a quick discussion about the project, and set one price for the whole team.

Hila Klein, who is the Chief Operating Officer at Fiverr, has said that it has always been Fiverr’s goal to bring people closer. And also to give them the opportunity to work together no matter where they are. In addition, she has added that Studios is just a natural development of this platform and that they’ve changed the way freelancers can do business. Namely, instead of working alone, now freelancers can work together as a small agency and can provide services to small and big businesses as well.

With the help of Studios, companies can have the same things as if they are working side by side with a small agency in the “real” world. And what’s more, they would have exactly the same benefits that Fiverr offers, such as information on who is assigned to do what, defined deadlines, and a fixed price. Employers/Buyers can find more offered services for various projects. For instance, a content writer can opt for joining forces with a marketing strategist and a designer in order to provide brilliant Content Marketing. Their job would consist of devising a strategic plan, designing the website, and creating content. You see, you would only have to contact one person and more than one freelancer would be involved in a project.

So if you are a freelancer, joining others in Studios means more possibilities to collaborate with small and big businesses. Solo workers will from now on be able to work together without having to think about billing and invoices, and they can do the jobs they love without any worries.

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