Combining Your Freelance Gig With Your Full-Time Job

Let’s be honest here — hardly anyone simply starts out as a freelancer straight out of university and immediately builds a client base, a reputation, and the know-how to sustain their business indefinitely. More than likely, you’ll have to start up your freelance gig while trying to hold on to a regular nine-to-five job. It […]

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Four Tips You Should Read If You Plan on Becoming Reputable Freelancer

What’s amazing about being a freelancer is that once you become one, the entire world will be in front of you — except if you firmly decided that you want to be a content writer for San Francisco startup companies or a designer for agencies in New York. If not, then you can work anywhere […]

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Three Drawbacks of Freelancing

If you are a freelancer, that means that you are your own boss — you determine your working hours and projects you want to participate in. Even though many think freelancing is the best, we should point out that there are flaws too. Some of them are quite obvious; for example, your income won’t be […]

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Four Tips to Start a Career as a Digital Marketer

It is evaluated that at the end of 2019, the price of paying for digital advertising will increase globally to $333 billion, and in 2023, it will be $517 billion. A significant portion of this amount will be for hiring the most prominent digital marketers, both in-company workers and freelancers. Do you wish to be […]

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Choose How You Want to Get Paid

When you start working as a freelancer, and when you find your first clients, maybe you should think of how you will handle money that you’re receiving. How many payments you’ll get monthly depends on how many clients you’ll find. If you are thinking about what’s the most convenient way to manage this, we have […]

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Why Is It Safer to Be a Freelancer Than a Full-Time Employee

Some time ago, I went through a report from the FreshBooks, which is an accounting-software firm, and I was surprised. For starters, the report claims that 70 percent of the 3,700 respondents had pointed out that they have better balance in life when they are freelancing, in comparison to the times when they had full-time […]

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How to Achieve Success on Freelance Websites

It takes time to hone your skills if you are new to the realm of freelancing. Every start is slow, and you’ll probably be under a lot of stress. Finding a gig at the beginning is not that easy because employers seek freelancers with experience. And as a novice, employers might hesitate to hire newbies […]

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Five Things That of 2020 Can Be of Use to Freelancers

Freelance jobs are flourishing faster than ever, and it’s estimated that the population of freelancers in the U.S. numbers 62 million people. In the course of the next ten years, the number is expected to be higher, around 85 million, which is almost half of working Americans. In the beginning, freelancing was perceived as a […]

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Five Tools That Will Help You With Transactions and Organization

Being a freelancer isn’t easy; there are a few things you’ll need to worry about. Also, many believe that freelancers work less and that they go on many vacations during the year. Actually, being a freelancer requires a high level of determination, a lot of time, and endurance in order to form reliable connections. Additionally, […]

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