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Combining Your Freelance Gig With Your Full-Time Job

Let’s be honest here — hardly anyone simply starts out as a freelancer straight out of university and immediately builds a client base, a reputation, and the know-how to sustain their business indefinitely. More than likely, you’ll have to start up your freelance gig while trying to hold on to a regular nine-to-five job. It […]

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Four Tips You Should Read If You Plan on Becoming Reputable Freelancer

What’s amazing about being a freelancer is that once you become one, the entire world will be in front of you — except if you firmly decided that you want to be a content writer for San Francisco startup companies or a designer for agencies in New York. If not, then you can work anywhere […]

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Three Drawbacks of Freelancing

If you are a freelancer, that means that you are your own boss — you determine your working hours and projects you want to participate in. Even though many think freelancing is the best, we should point out that there are flaws too. Some of them are quite obvious; for example, your income won’t be […]

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Trade Unions Demand an End to the Dutch Freelance Tax Break

The CNV, the second-largest trade union federation in the Netherlands, is demanding that the government of that country completely discontinues its current freelancer tax break. The government’s CPB advisory body has also been arguing against the break for some time.   The tax break was introduced years ago to cover for additional expenses freelancers have […]

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In New York City One-Third of the Workforce Is Freelancing

On Tuesday, the freelance platform Upwork, Freelancers Union, and the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) released a report revealing that one-third of the workforce in New York City had done some amount of freelance work in the previous year. That is roughly 1.3 million New Yorkers, to be precise. Another thing is that […]

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From Now on, Fiverr Offers E-Commerce Services

In order for your company to get noticed on the internet, it’s not enough to simply be present on social platforms and have a website. If you want to attract a lot of people and show them your product, you should adopt contemporary e-commerce growth and digital marketing methods. Fiverr is striving to enable entrepreneurs […]

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