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Dating a Freelancer: The Female Perspective

Greetings, dear readers, both of you. Today, we have a treat for you. In a rare collaboration event, a crossover, if you will, we are graced by the presence of my ex-girlfriend. For the purposes of anonymity, we shall call her bitc… ha, ha, I’m sorry, I meant to say Becky. This long-suffering woman, this […]

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5 Practical Tips for Freelance Translators

So you started working as a freelance translator. Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back. After all, your command of the language in question is flawless, the quirks and nuances of the tongue are as familiar to you as those of your own, and you are a master of the written word […]

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The Rise (and Fall?) of the Gig Economy

Economic crises have long-ranging effects, even years after the fact. For instance, the 1929 Stock Market Crash and the ensuing Great Depression indirectly led to the rise of National Socialism and, by extension, the outbreak of the Second World War. The 2007–2008 financial crisis led to the economic stagnation of the EU, the soaring of […]

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New California Law Targeting Lyft and Uber Could Destroy Freelance Writing in the State

Under California Assembly Bill 5 (AB 5), officially taking effect on January 1, a strict set of criteria established by the state’s Supreme Court will determine if Californians are to be considered as employees of a certain company. Under those criteria, if a worker performs a part of a company’s core business, if employers direct […]

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A Third of American Workers Now Freelance

Some 57 million Americans, more than a third of the workforce, are now working freelance, and their income amounts to $1 trillion, a report from the online staffing company Upwork says.  The report also said that the number of people who saw this line of work as a long-term career choice was roughly the same […]

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Vimeo Launches a Video Freelancer Marketplace The video site Vimeo is launching a marketplace where video freelancers can advertise and sell their services to businesses that have a need for video professionals. Any paying Vimeo members can be included by tagging their profile with the “available for hire” mark, while the people hiring can post […]

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