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Why Is It Safer to Be a Freelancer Than a Full-Time Employee

Some time ago, I went through a report from the FreshBooks, which is an accounting-software firm, and I was surprised. For starters, the report claims that 70 percent of the 3,700 respondents had pointed out that they have better balance in life when they are freelancing, in comparison to the times when they had full-time […]

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How to Achieve Success on Freelance Websites

It takes time to hone your skills if you are new to the realm of freelancing. Every start is slow, and you’ll probably be under a lot of stress. Finding a gig at the beginning is not that easy because employers seek freelancers with experience. And as a novice, employers might hesitate to hire newbies […]

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Five Things That of 2020 Can Be of Use to Freelancers

Freelance jobs are flourishing faster than ever, and it’s estimated that the population of freelancers in the U.S. numbers 62 million people. In the course of the next ten years, the number is expected to be higher, around 85 million, which is almost half of working Americans. In the beginning, freelancing was perceived as a […]

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Upwork Pointed out the Top 20 Skills

Upwork, which is a website for freelance workers, has published a report which indicated skills that are more and more needed in the freelance job market in the U.S. The Upwork Skills Index categorizes 20 skills on this website in a quarterly series. It clarifies what new skills are, and offers the chance to see […]

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There’s a New Website for Freelancers

Lancer Inc., which is located in Tokyo, launched a new website for freelancers — Connect. This website is for displaying projects related to local authorities and major companies. Connect lets its users use the search engine to find gigs where they can contribute with their knowledge and skills. This site supports the idea of moving […]

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Fiverr Created a Studios Where Freelancers Can Work Side by Side

A few days ago, Fiverr, the company that’s altering the way business is done, has established Studios. And it is a product that provides freelancers on this platform with a possibility to join forces and work together on some projects. They’ll be able to incorporate their skills so they can provide all services to businesses, […]

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