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The Rise (and Fall?) of the Gig Economy

Economic crises have long-ranging effects, even years after the fact. For instance, the 1929 Stock Market Crash and the ensuing Great Depression indirectly led to the rise of National Socialism and, by extension, the outbreak of the Second World War. The 2007–2008 financial crisis led to the economic stagnation of the EU, the soaring of […]

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Getting a Freelance Life-Work Balance

In this overconnected world of ours, lines between work and life can get blurred, even more so for freelancers. While the lifestyle assures your freedom to work whenever and wherever you want as you are effectively your own boss, the inherent lack of structure can and will make your work a constant presence in your […]

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Types of Clients That Will Make Your Freelancing Experience Hell

A freelancing career is a pretty sweet gig most of the time. You organize your time as you see fit, your work uniform are your underpants, and most of the clients are non-sociopaths. But there are those that can and will make your life miserable. They are the collapse of Western civilization; they are the […]

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A Third of American Workers Now Freelance

Some 57 million Americans, more than a third of the workforce, are now working freelance, and their income amounts to $1 trillion, a report from the online staffing company Upwork says.  The report also said that the number of people who saw this line of work as a long-term career choice was roughly the same […]

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Vimeo Launches a Video Freelancer Marketplace The video site Vimeo is launching a marketplace where video freelancers can advertise and sell their services to businesses that have a need for video professionals. Any paying Vimeo members can be included by tagging their profile with the “available for hire” mark, while the people hiring can post […]

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Trade Unions Demand an End to the Dutch Freelance Tax Break

The CNV, the second-largest trade union federation in the Netherlands, is demanding that the government of that country completely discontinues its current freelancer tax break. The government’s CPB advisory body has also been arguing against the break for some time.   The tax break was introduced years ago to cover for additional expenses freelancers have […]

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