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Planning Tools for Freelancers

Being a freelancer entails multitasking because they usually do two or more jobs at the same time. Every day they can have different types of jobs, which is the thing that attracted them in the first place. Perhaps they’ll come to a point where they cannot juggle between their tasks and meetings they need to […]

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Why Is Being a Freelancer More Popular Today?

As technology has advanced, and as people started using it more frequently, employees began showing up to work less and less. Some of them decided to work only from home and forget about the office. Individuals and companies decided to hire a freelancer when they have a one-time task or when they need a person […]

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Five Tips to Increase Productivity

If you are a freelancer, you must have noticed that your productivity level is not always consistent. Some days you do more stuff, and there are days when you can’t do a lot. There are some things that can influence your productivity, and you aren’t even aware of them. For instance, you don’t have a […]

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Inequality in Freelancers’ Salaries

Imbalance in salaries of men and women is not just the thing that people can witness at work. Namely, it is present in the freelance world as well. Research about freelance salaries shows that men earn more than women for the same type of jobs, and this discrepancy is even greater when they gain enough […]

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Fiverr Offer New Type of Service — Game Development

Freelance jobs are becoming more popular by the day. Uber drivers are transporting us to our destination, TaskRabbit is modeling our furniture, and Amazon contractors are bringing us our packages. The online marketplace “Fiverr” is a website where freelancers can earn money by editing videos, designing web pages, apps, writing articles, etc. Fiverr’s officials made […]

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Skills in Demand Right Now

Skills that were necessary ten years ago are not so valuable now, or rather, it is implied that you have them already aside from the skills required for your job. What businesses like the most when hiring freelancers is that they can work with highly creative people who like to work from home. Being a […]

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